15 Items I Never Travel Without

Growing up, my family would vacation in Florida at least once a year. Aside from my horrible, chronic ear infections, flying never bothered me. I can’t count the times I’ve flown, but it’s become second nature at this point. And honestly, I’ve got it down when it comes to what to bring with me on any given flight.

Alex and I are headed to Hawaii on Sunday to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, so it got me thinking about all the items I consistently travel with or keep in my travel backpack. Oh yeah, that’s the first thing I never fly without—my sleek yet totally practical Rebecca Minkoff backpack. It’s nylon, so it’s perfectly durable for travel and stowing under the seat in front of you. I used to have a cloth backpack, and I can’t tell you the number of times I or someone else had spilled on it (and never came out). Cute!


1. Silk Travel Set
Comfiest + cutest neck pillow and eye mask. A must for getting a quick nap in despite someone next to you keeping their damn light on. Byeee!
2. Shower Sheets
Easiest, most travel-friendly way to freshen up on the plane or after the beach! These are a staple in my travel beauty bag!
3. Scrunchies
Cutest scrunchies for the plane, beach, wherever. Headaches? Don't know her!!
4. Dirty Clothes Bag
OMG love these bags! Keep your dirty clothes out of the mix. They also have ones for wet beach stuff!
5. Travel Vanity
I recently got this + she is my everything. It holds all my hair products, makeup, brushes, and more.
6. Rebecca Minkoff Backpack
I never travel without this! The nylon protects it from spills or dirt so it stays clean. My ride or die!
7. Portable Charger
LITERAL BEST PORTABLE CHARGER I'VE EVER USED! It holds like 7 full charges on your phone + has a few USB ports so you can charge all your shit at once. LIFESAVER!
8. Beauty Bag
Perfect to easily keep your essentials in one place in your backpack. Lip balm, shower sheets, contacts, advil, you name it!
9. HydroFlask
Recently upgraded to this bish + I love it so much. Not too big or heavy to travel with + keeps my water super cold.
10. Travel Facial Mist
Love this travel size of my favorite rose facial mist for a quick pick me up.
11. AirPods
Yes I'm obnoxious but I need 3 headphones with me at all times on a flight. My AirPods (obv), regular headphones for movies, and ones to fit my iPhone if my AirPods die on me.
12. Superga Platform Shoes
Favorite sneakers that are cute AF but also give me a lil height boost.
13. Tie Dye Sweater
Lastly, my favorite sweater ever I can't stop wearing! SO comfy and cute, which is what you want on a flight.

Bento Box – I only bring one on long or international flights, but this has changed the game! While most international airlines give you meals, I eat a plant-based diet, and sometimes I don’t have an option or it’s super unappetizing / unhealthy. When flying I try to stay far away from sodium, which is often found in pre-packaged foods. Now I make my own meals before my flight, so I know I’ll feel good and can eat whenever I want. Yes, you can bring this through security! I did a whole video on this already so check it out here!

Snacks – Lastly, I MUST pack my own snacks. Too many times have I not had time to grab something to eat, and I was SO HANGRY and miserable the whole flight. Airport snacks are also ungodly overpriced, so no thanks. Instead I pack my own snacks that are low to no sodium or sugar, filling, and healthy. Some of my favorites are fresh fruit and nut butter packs, Mary’s Gone Crackers, kale chips, and GoMacro bars.

What are your travel essentials? Am I missing something? Let me know below!

+ This post is sponsored by Shopbop. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always. Huge thank you to the incredible brands who support this blog and make it all possible!


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  1. Tara
    08/19/2019 / 3:59 pm

    This was so informative and helpful!! These are items I never would have thought to pack, or knew existed. Thank you!

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