My 2020 Goals + Resolutions | FREE Goal-Setting Template!

HAAAAPPY NEW YEAR!! WOW, how good does 2020 feel? I’ve felt this great energy surrounding it already + I cannot wait to get to work + create!

I know setting resolutions for the new year is cliche AF but listen—they truly help me better myself + hold myself accountable to things I have pushed aside in recent months. I switched it up a bit this year by setting up prompts, which I saw on Instagram, and LOVED the specifics of it all!

You can watch my latest YouTube video below where I dive into each of the prompts such as, I want to stop & I want to continue to, etc. BUT I also gotta freebie for you below to get started on your own!


To help you get started on writing your own resolutions, I made a free goal-setting template for you, which you can instantly download below!

You can fill this out on your computer, or print it out and keep it in plain sight to hold yourself accountable! If you use the template, send me a DM or tag me on your Instagram stories (@caitlinbea) so I can repost it!


Aside from my resolutions + a few goals I discussed in my video, here are some of the top themes I want to focus on in the new year:

Reduce waste: Every year I get better and better and finding new ways to be more sustainable. I use reusable totes, straws, produce bags, and eat a mainly plant-based diet. However, I am still far from perfect, and I want to be even more sustainable + conscious of my waste in 2020. I will invest in more silicone sandwich baggies, biodegradable doggie bags for Ollie, and opt for bulk ingredients in my reusable pouches over the same items in plastic. I’ve also been so interested in getting into composting, so that’s a big goal for me as well!

Make fitness a priority: For me, eating clean is pretty easy, but working out consistently is always a struggle. There will be months that I’m super into it + consistent, then I’ll completely fall off the wagon + have 0 desire to workout for a month. Working from home, I often fall into the pattern of hardly leaving my desk all day + that’s just not healthy. This year, I’m making fitness a priority by keeping it fun with new classes (I love ClassPass-you can sign up for 2 free weeks here) and committing to moving my body for at least 30-60 minutes everyday. Even if it’s a walk around the neighborhood, it’s better than not moving at all!

Travel internationally: In 2018, Alex and I took 6 months to travel around the U.S. and Europe, and it was the most incredible experience! We chilled out last year + settled into our new home, but this year I’m itching to travel internationally again! I definitely want to go on a few trips so if you have any fave cities, let me know below!

Launch a product: Whether this be another digital product (sticker styled) or a physical product, I want to continue launching more goodies for you guys! I would love to collaborate with a brand on a physical product to get started.

Own less: It’s weird. I am a perpetually messy person, yet I get so overwhelmed by said mess. COOL CAITLIN! This year I’m making it a priority (like, for real this time) to get my sh*t in order, which includes owning less + buying more purposefully. I’m filming a closet clean out this week + will be posting all the items (in good condition) on my Poshmark this month sooo stay tuned!

I would LOVE to hear your own goals + resolutions for the new year! Don’t forget to tag me on your stories with your 2020 resolutions printable so I can repost it + get inspired by all of you!




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