3 Ways To Style A Credenza

When Alex and I officially signed the lease on our apartment back in October, I immediately revamped my Pinterest home boards to pull inspiration from. Screw the days of just having one home board; I had decided I was overdue for fresh boards dedicated to each space of my humble abode: the entryway, living room, bedroom, home office, etc. Yes, even my little patio has her own board. And she’s cute AF.

We didn’t know specifics, but one item we agreed on right away was that we needed a credenza. We fell in love with this credenza from Apt2B, as it’s the perfect size and storage for our barware. Apt2B has pretty much every type of furniture for your space you can imagine, and for a reasonable price. We wanted a unique piece that will stand out, and they have so many to choose from! We ultimately went with the Desert Sage Dunes design to compliment our California design style, and each credenza is hand-crafted and built-to-order in Denver, CO! We chose a gold base and walnut wood and could not be happier with how it turned out!

While we chose to use it as a bar cabinet, I wanted to show you 3 ways you can style your credenza for inspiration for your own space!


Starting off (naturally) with the bar cabinet, and how Alex and I are utilizing ours! Bar carts are all the rage, but we don’t really want to see all of our stuff, ya know? We’ve laid out some key items we use to display, and store the rest. Maybe one day when I get some fancy shmancy glasses I’ll display more, but for now this is a functional way to store our glassware and look clutter-free.

The great part about this is that we don’t need any extra storage bins, and our bottles (with the exception of our Costco sized vodka) fits upright perfectly. For convenience, store your glassware on one side, and your alcohol, aromatics, garnishes and tools on the other. Alex is a great mixologist (in my eyes) so I’m pretty excited for my summer cocktails!


Originally we had planned to style our credenza in our entryway, but our wall was bigger than we imagined when we moved in. Should you have a small space when you walk in, this credenza would be the perfect accent! I mean how cute is she?!

If you have the wall space, a circle mirror above the credenza is a great way to not only complement it, but add functionality. I mean let’s be real, we all need that last minute touch-up or self-validation before we rush out the door sometimes!

Decorate it with a plant (real or faux), some candles or incense, and a dish to place your keys when you walk in. I’m a sucker for a decorative (yet useful) book as well.

You can store just about anything your heart desires, but make it make sense for the space. Don’t just throw meaningless junk you don’t have a place for! Since it’s by the door, think about what you’d typically reach for when rushing out of the house to save yourself from scrambling through your closet. Think: an umbrella, mittens, hat, your everyday shoes, reusable grocery totes, sunglasses, etc. Use cute baskets like these to keep your stuff organized and looking clean.


For those nooks and crannies (wow I sound like an 80 year old) that you never know what to do with, why not make a cute little music corner? Alex is a big music lover, and I love how this corner highlights that. It’s a great cabinet to display your record player AND store your vinyls out of sight! Should your collection not be too extensive, you’ll have plenty of leftover space for baskets where you can keep your headphones, cords, guitar accessories, etc. I love walking into a space and seeing that person’s personality or taste shine through, so your favorite band or concert poster would look awesome propped against the wall as well. Display your instruments next to it, and you’ve got yourself a dedicated corner for your tunes.

These are just a few ideas to get the inspo flowin’, but there are SO many ways to utilize and style a credenza! You can find all Apt2B credenzas here, which are all so unique and beautiful, there’s sure to be one that fits your style!

Do you have a credenza in your home? How do you use it / style it? Let me know below!

Credenza provided by Apt2B.


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