5 Vegan Spots in Seattle You Have To Try

Every time I visit Seattle, I obtain permanent heart-eyes over the seemingly endless amounts of vegan food at my disposal. Don’t get me wrong: I have no shortage of options in Los Angeles either, but there’s something about the charming atmospheres of Seattle restaurants that has me feeling right at home. I’ve only visited twice now, but I always make it a point to try a new vegan spot, in hopes I am overwhelmed with the feeling of, “Oh my god, this is the best meal I’ve had!” 

Whether you live in Seattle or are planning an upcoming trip, I’ve rounded up 5 restaurants you need to check out that serve vegetarian/vegan food, as well as my recommendations on what to get. Let’s do this!

  1. Plum Bistro 

The most recent vegan spot that Alex and I have tried, and oh man it is one of the best. PB encompasses an industrial-chic vibe with fresh greenery cascading from the walls. Talk about an instant mood booster! Get there during happy hour for reasonable prices and unique menu items you can easily share. I got the quinoa avocado tacos, and Alex and I shared their so-called “famous” spicy cajun mac and yease. I was hesitant to try this, as vegan “cheese” has failed to impress me 9/10 times. First bite in, my taste buds were screaming holy shit, give me more. Even my Wisconsin-native cheese-head boyfriend was wide-eyed and savoring every last bite. The full menu boasts organic and vegan ingredients from handmade pizzas to burgers and even “fish”. Alex tried the cuban black beauty and claims it is the best vegan meal he has ever had. 

Open For: Brunch, Lunch, Happy Hour, Dinner

Went For: Dinner

Must Try: Spicy Cajun Mac and Yease (it’s so good, you might want one for yourself!)

Must Know: The space isn’t huge, so expect a small wait if you go on a busy night. I’ve also heard they may not be the best place if you have celiac, but I would call and confirm if this is a deal-breaker for you!

Atmosphere: Industrial-Chic, Trendy

Price: $11-30

2. Frankie & Jo’s 

Recommended by one of you guys (thanks girl!), Alex and I stopped here on a toasty August afternoon. I used to love me some ice cream, but ever since I stopped eating dairy, I haven’t had a ton of plant-based ice cream. I’ve only ever been to ice cream shoppes that offer a few dairy-free flavors, but never a fully plant-based shop…so I was practically drooling upon arrival. First off, the aroma of the place is enough to get ya goin’, but for all you gluten-free folks, you should know it is entirely GF, right down to the maple-vanilla waffle cones. I loved every flavor I tried, but ended up getting a scoop of the California Cabin flavor with “moon goo”: their very own salted caramel drizzle with activated charcoal. The flavors are all so incredibly unique, and you can even take a pint home with you! I dare your dairy-eating friends to even realize their ice cream is dairy-free!

Open: Noon-11pm daily

Must Try: California Cabin with Moon Goo. 

Must Know: It’s entirely plant-based and gluten-free! They also offer sorbets, shakes, and seasonal flavors.

Atmosphere: Quaint, Trendy, Natural Light

Price: $-$$

3. Cafe Flora

Enjoy vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free eats in the heart of Madison Valley. A short drive out of the city, but well worth it! A cozy, earthy spot that accommodates a variety of dietary restrictions. The outdoor area is adorable! We shared the warm beignets to start (although these might be vegetarian) but were absolutely delicious. You can easily find lighter, healthy options, or opt for some downright tasty comfort food. I got the hoppin’ john fritters and it’s one of those meals that had my mind running on how I can recreate it at home! They even have vegan biscuits and gravy and roasted potatoes, or blackberry lemon ricotta pancakes if you’ve got a sweet tooth, so you can’t really go wrong here!

Went For: Brunch

Open For: Weekend Brunch, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Must Try: Hoppin’ John Fritters. Black-eyed pea cakes with vegan cheesy grits and cayenne aioli!

Must Know: It’s mainly vegetarian, so ask your server for suggestions if you’re unsure!

Atmosphere: Earthy, spacious interior and natural light

Price: $11-30

4. Harvest Beat

image credit: harvest beat

If you’re looking for the perfect dinner to celebrate, look no further than Harvest Beat. Alex and I spent our 2nd year anniversary here, and it was the most unique dinner experience we’d ever had! Vegan or not, you’ll be in absolute bliss with five courses of locally foraged vegan ingredients. Due to this, the menu changes every week (or even every day) so you’ll never have the same experience, which I personally love! The coolest part? Everyone in the restaurant eats at the same time! Dinner begins promptly at 7 (or 6:30 on Sundays) with the ring of a bell by the chef. He greets everyone, provides background on the food about to be served, and makes you feel right at home. I highly recommend utilizing the wine-pairings by the in-house sommelier, which you get with each course. It’s an extra $32/person, but once again, this is a place to come on occasion for celebration. The meals were unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before, so unique and thoughtful in composition and flavor. You will not be disappointed!

Went For: Dinner

Open For: Dinner Only (7pm Wed-Sat), 6:30pm Sundays

Must Try: Wine-pairings! You get to try a variety of wines that complement each course perfectly.

Must Know: Dinner begins promptly, with everyone eating at the same time, so get there ahead of time. Must make a reservation, but they have a 48-hour cancellation policy, and you will be charged some if you don’t show. Plan accordingly!

Atmosphere: Dimly lit, charming. Feels like you’re at a relative’s home!

Price: $$$ ($56/person + $32 wine-pairing or $18 non-alcoholic pairings)

5. Wayward Vegan Cafe

image credit: wayward cafe

The only spot on the list that I haven’t had the pleasure of stopping by…yet. The positive feedback I’ve heard about this place, and how much I’m personally dying to visit it, is why Wayward made the cut. I’ve only been (almost a full) vegan for just about 2 years now, so for most of my life I was a picky eater who loved her American comfort food. Some vegan spots can be too much and a little try-hard, so when I heard about Wayward I was more than intrigued: veganized American diner food served all day. Yes, please! They’ve also got bottomless coffee (Seattle, you know the way to my heart) and large portions to fill your appetite and your soul. They’re serving up breakfast, lunch, and dinner food all day long, plus they have an entirely gluten-free menu available. I’m particularly drawn to the stuffed hashbrowns and omelettes, but who am I kidding, I’d try it all!

Open For: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (served all day)

Price: $11-30

There are so many veg spots in Seattle, I’m dying to know your favorite! Let’s chat below! If you have another place I have to try, or have been to any of these above, I want to know! Stay tuned for my must-try drinks in Seattle, coming soon!


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    10/05/2017 / 4:35 pm

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  3. Larissa Zens
    10/14/2017 / 2:58 am

    I am not a vegan either! But, My mom wants to cook as much VEGAN as possible:)
    I love vegan eating, I do like meat but when I think about how animals die so much, I started to eat more greens and tropicals. I live in China and I feel really bad for the animals. I love your YouTube Vlogs and I enjoy scrolling and reading your blog. You inspire me a lot. I have a been to a similar cafe like Make Out but, In China its called SeeSaw Coffee.
    I am 13 and love watching cooking tutorials.

    Larissa Zens Shanghai,China

    • Larissa Zens
      10/14/2017 / 3:41 am

      Btw: I have a friend called Caitlin too:)

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