Best of Black Friday Sales 2019

Early Black Friday / Cyber Week deals have arrived!! Now that all the sales are also online (thank God I don’t have to leave my house) it’s my favorite week to stock up on holiday gifts + save BIG. I can’t believe some of the deals this year, they’re insane.

I’ve scoured every sale (you’re welcome) and picked out my favorite items from each that I already have + love, or am adding to my cart or wishlists! Click each link to shop the sale, or browse through my hand-selected faves from each sale below. Happy savings babes!

Abercrombie & Fitch – 50% off sitewide + free shipping / all flannels $25

Aldo – 50% off select styles

Amazon – Mega savings on all categories

American Eagle – 40% off select styles + free shipping

And Other Stories – 20% off everything / code: NOIR20

Anthropologie – 30% off everything

Aritzia – up to 50% off select styles

ASOS – 20% off ASOS Design (black friday warm-up) / code: ANY20

Bandier – 25% off entire purchase

Bed Bath & Beyond – up to 60% off select products

Crate & Barrel – 20-30% off sitewide (furniture and select items excluded)

Everlane – Donates $10 from every order to Oceana!

Express – 50% off everything + free shipping

FarFetch – extra 30% off sale items

Free Peoplewill update once announced!

H&M – up to 60% off Pre Black Friday deals, need-now looks from $7.99

Levi’s – 40% off everything + free shipping + returns / code: INDIGO

Lulu’s – 25-90% off sitewide + free shipping with code: FRIDAY25

Madewell – 30% off your purchase / code: GIFTWELL

MANGO – 30% off $100+, 20% off $49+

Mejuri – 10% off 1 item, 15% off 2 items, 20% off 3 items (only sale of the year! I wear the initial necklace + zodiac ring everyday)

Nasty Gal – 60-80% off everything + extra 10% off sale / code: GOGOGO

Nordstrom – up to 50% off

Outdoor Voices – 50% off select styles

Pacsun – BOGO 50% off everything + free shipping / BOGO denim FREE

Pottery Barn – up to 40% off everything in-store and online

Rebecca Minkoff – 25% off orders $100+ / code: THANKS25

Reformation – 30% off everything (omg this is huge guys!!!)

Revolve – up to 65% off select styles

Sephora – up to 50% off select items every day until 12/2

Shopbop – up to 25% off full-price items / up to 75% off sale items with code: MORE19

Show Me Your Mumu – all sale items $100 or less + free shipping orders over $75

Target – save $10 when you spend $40 on clothing, shoes, or accessories for the family, ends 11/27

Ulta – beauty blockbusters up to 50% off + free shipping orders $35+

Uncommon James


Urban Outfitters – BOGO 50% off online + in stores

Wayfair – up to 80% off + up to 70% off new deals every day from 10AM-10PM EST

Williams Sonoma – up to 50% off holiday electrics event + daily deals

Windsor – 30% off + free shipping orders $50+

World Market – 40% off all furniture + free shipping orders $75+



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