Blue Nile 50% Off Sale!

Yeah, Black Friday is cool and all…but I’m #TeamCyberMonday all the way. Cyber Monday (today!) is when most all online retailers have their BIGGEST sales of the year, which means there’s no better way to buy all your holiday gifts for friends and family. And to treat yourself of course!!

I’ve updated my Best Of Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales post here, but there’s one sale that deserved its own post, and that’s because Blue Nile is having 50% OFF select jewelry today with code: CYBER18. 50. Percent. Off. I’m not kidding you guys… this is insane!

If you’re unfamiliar with Blue Nile, they have an awesome selection of jewelry that ranges from everyday wear to celebratory. You can literally get a fun, simple ring for everyday, or one of their GORGEOUS engagement or wedding rings! I’m personally more into simple jewelry, and have been absolutely loving my Blue Nile pieces! Here’s what I’ve been rockin’ lately:

I have been LIVING in these Mini Diamond Stackable Rings! I loved how delicate these were, so I had to have both the 14k rose gold and white gold versions! I’ll wear them on their own, or stack them with each other or other plain rings I own. They’re also super affordable as far as fine jewelry goes (especially ones with diamonds!) so I think these would make the most perfect gift ever, or to treat yourself!

How fun are these 14k Gold Hoops?! They have 6 diamonds total, and the snap-back makes them fit so securely, I haven’t once had that, GASP! DID MY EARRING FALL OFF?! moment that I’m sure we can all agree is the worst. They also come in white gold and rose gold if that’s more your jam. 

If diamonds aren’t your thing or you want something even more affordable, I highly recommend these 14k Yellow Gold Star Earrings. Can you tell I’ve been on a gold jewelry kick lately?! These are so cute and are wearable for everyday. I can’t stand when jewelry (especially earrings) are made so cheaply that they tarnish and turn green, lasting me only a few wears. These don’t do that, so I have no worries wearing them the entire day.

oh you fancy, huh?

Okaaaay, I see you! In case you’re looking to step things up this holiday season (Psst…send this to your man ASAP so he gets the hint!) I’ve picked out a few Blue Nile pieces that are taking things next level!

You guys I’m dying over these Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings!! I’ve never had a real pair of diamond earrings before, so I feel fancy AF. Just call me Bougie Bea, thank you. I’m saving to wear these to an upcoming holiday party and New Years Eve!

Simmer down now, I’m not engaged just yet. But ladies, you don’t have to be engaged to earn yourself a diamond ring! This Classic Diamond Eternity Ring comes in a few different carats, and it’s included in the 50% off sale!! This ring is absolutely stunning, and if you’ve been looking for a celebratory ring, give your beau a little nudge-nudge and save ’em half off!! 

Blue Nile has waaay more styles that are 50% off until Dec. 2, and you can see all what’s on sale here! Don’t wait to pick up that perfect gift until it’s a few days before Christmas and you’re paying full-price + overnight shipping because you waited so long. I’ve been there one too many times. Ha! 

Will you be picking up any gems (pun-intended) for yourself or as a gift for the holidays?! I want to know!

Happy Shopping babes!

+ This post is sponsored by Blue Nile. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always. Huge thank you to the incredible brands who support this blog and make it all possible!



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