My next holiday gift guide is here! Today I’ve rounded up some perfect gift ideas for the free spirit in your life! She (or he) is independent, seeks adventure in every corner, loves spending time in nature, and most of all, creating! This person can be difficult to shop for, as they often insist they don’t want anything, but they are one of the most fun people to shop for! Simply click any of the photos below to shop the product directly, and learn more about why I love it below!

1 Mini Backpack // Dreamers always have an itch to create. Whether it be taking photos or drawing their surroundings, this mini backpack is the perfect thing to carry their supplies.

2 Bath Crystals // Give the gift of ultra relaxation with these calming, soothing bath salts that draw out impurities. All plant-based ingredients, including dried flowers to make the bath extra pretty. Plus, it will double as a bathroom accessory because hello, how gorgeous is the bottle!?

3 Tarot Cards // Yes I know I sound super hippie including this, but chances are your free spirit friend is open to it! I’ve personally wanted to get my hands on these for quite some time now, and this deck is too cute to pass up! I love that it comes with a detailed guidebook as well. 

4 Patterned Throw Blanket // Can you really go wrong with a cozy throw? No. The answer is always no. I love how unique, high-quality, and often handmade their blankets are. It’s an easy way to amp up their space, plus it’s super practical!

5 Moroccan Pouf // Another home decor item your free spirit will adore! These have been a huge trend this year, but you don’t have to dish out a fortune for one. This one is under $100 and is the perfect size to add to an empty corner, as an ottoman, or as extra seating in the living space. They come in a bunch of colors, so there’s one to match any color scheme!

6 Fujifilm Camera // Instant cameras have been all the rage over the past few years, but this prints wide photos which is so fun! Its compact size makes it great for your adventurous, on-the-go friend who seeks to capture every moment. It also just so happens to be on sale for $100 right now, so snatch it up while you can!

7 Bluetooth Turntable // Any music lover would be stoked to receive this as a gift! This turntable differs as it also comes with speakers, which is usually a separate purchase that can be quite pricy in itself. For all you get, it’s a great price. You can also play music through any device with Bluetooth on top of vinyls, and it looks so sleek and modern, it’ll be sure to spice up the room!

8 52 Lists Project // One of my all-time favorite journals that I’ve personally gifted many of my friends and family with! It’s a year’s worth of journaling inspiration to uplift and challenge you. Pair it with some cute pens or pencils for a thoughtful gift anyone would enjoy!

9 Zen Monq Pen // If you’ve seen my videos before, this may look familiar to you! If you haven’t, you’re probably super confused as to what the heck this is. No, it’s not a vape. No, it won’t get you high. It’s an aromatherapy diffuser in a pen form, meaning you inhale and exhale it to enjoy its effects. The zen formula is my absolute favorite, and it seems to be a favorite among users. I mean, just look up reviews of this thing and you’ll wanna snatch 5 up for yourself! The zen pen is great for relieving anxiety in a natural way, helping you achieve a calmer state. 

10 Beauty Dust // Elixirs, juices, wellness shots…sign me up for all of it. Yes I’m basic, but I love anything to do with wellness and making my body feel its best. This beauty dust can be added to smoothies, teas, coffee, or nut milk, and is said to enhance skin’s elasticity, preserve collagen, and protect against free radical damage. All of which your busy, creative friend would love!

11 Crystal Water Bottle // Plastic bottles are so bad for the environment, and this glass bottle takes it up a notch with gorgeous crystal that naturally energizes your water. Each stone promotes its own unique properties, so read up on which crystal will resonate with your friend the most! I personally have to go with the amethyst, which is my birthstone!


Hope you found some great gift inspo! Check back for a brand new gift guide every day this week! Happy holidays babes!

xx cait