What Is Custom Skincare? How I Get Glowing Skin

If you’ve been following along for the past year or two, you may recall how not long ago I suffered from adult acne. I know, super glamorous. I had clear skin all my life, then life was like BOOM! Welcome to your early twenties, wanna breakout?!

Late last year I finally cleared my skin (thank God) but now it’s all about maintaining, preventing future breakouts, and taking care of my skin everyday. That’s where Beauty Buddy comes in: the answer to our skincare prayers.

It’s no secret that not every product on the market is formulated for everyone out there, because HELLO, we all have completely unique skin! It can be daunting trying to navigate the billions of products available, not to mention scrolling for HOURS reading reviews online on each product to see if I (think) it could work for me or not. Then I found French Pharmacy‘s Beauty Buddy service, which is a pretty quick skin analysis I can take on their website. The questionnaire delves into what my skin is like, what concerns I have, my lifestyle and goals. Hit submit, and you’ve got yourself completely custom skincare recommendations!

I love that ALL of the products at French Pharmacy are cruelty-free and have ethical sourcing. These products are clean, budget-friendly, yet still top of the line. One of my favorite products from my custom routine using the Beauty Buddy service is literally less than $6. SIX DOLLARS!! I can’t make this up!

What’s also nice is that instead of being like, HERE ARE 30 PRODUCTS YOU MUST USE TO ACHIEVE FABULOUS SKIN the quiz shows you your 4 product essentials, your “step-further” products, and a product to address your top skin concerns. So basically if you’re like, heck yes I wanna take it a step further, YOU GOT IT! If not, no biggie, start with your four essentials. Easy peasy!


Caudalie Grape Water – This product is SUPER versatile. I can use it as a setting spray, refresher throughout the day, a toner, etc. It reduces redness and your skin’s sensitivity over time, and amps up the hydration. I also love using this after spending time in the sun or post-workout to refresh and reduce redness.

Topicrem Gentle Scrub – This exfoliator is great for your face or body (hello spray tan prep!) while still being gentle. I use this 1-2x per week after I cleanse to remove dead skin cells and keep my skin looking fresh!

BIODERMA Sensibio H2O – I swear I’ve been seeing this baby EVERYWHERE lately, and for good reason. At under $6, I can gently remove my makeup with this awesome micellar water on a reusable cotton round. It makes the dreadful task of removing makeup at the end of a long day SO MUCH EASIER. I may not fully understand how this magic water is like a magnet to my makeup but hey… don’t question it.

BIODERMA Hydrabio Serum – After cleansing in the AM (but before moisturizing) I apply this serum! This stuff really increases the moisture content in my skin and gets down deep. I also have used this alone under makeup and it was an awesome base!

BIODERMA Sébium Mat Control – This is one of my *step further* products, but it’s been KILLIN’ it! While I have mostly dry skin, I do get oily in my t-zone. Some days I just let it be and add extra powder there, but other days I just apply this to the area and then apply makeup or go bare faced. It controls the shine without drying me out, and my makeup has looked way less cakey without all the powder!

Avene Hydrating Cream – This moisturizer is BOMB. It’s rich without being overly thick and has SPF 25! I’ve been applying this in the AM after the serum and my skin has been hydrated and glowing! Also love that it’s travel-friendly, which has come in handy lately!

Bio Beauté Detox Mask – Lastly is this rich detox mask that I use once a week! It smells like oranges (yum) which is such an energizing scent! It applies like a bouncy gel and I leave it on for about 5 minutes, lettin’ it do its thing. Then I massage and rinse my face with water, and BAM my skin looks SO GLOWY it should be illegal. I’ve always struggled with dullness, but this combats that so well for me.

I’ll keep you guys updated on this routine, but so far my skin has been lookin’ glowy, hydrated, and CLEAN! I don’t feel stripped of moisture, which my dry skin definitely feels after a lot of cleansers I’ve tried. We love!!

Have you tried custom skincare? Will you be taking French Pharmacy‘s Beauty Buddy quiz? Let me know your results if so!



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