My Latest Glow Up Routine

This post is sponsored by GLEEM. All thoughts + opinions are completely my own.

I’ve been putting extra focus on self-care and self-love lately. Times are crazy right now, and it’s so important to be gentle on yourself, as well as doing those little things every day to make yourself feel good. Next week’s post is all about those little things keeping me positive every day at home, but today I wanted to focus on my new glow-up obsession: white + bright teeth!

It’s no secret that I love to indulge in my daily coffee and unwind with an occasional glass of red wine. The not-so-cute side effect? Stained teeth!! Not amused my friends, not amused! A few years ago I realized just how aging stained teeth can be, so I made a point to take the best care of my smile: that’s where GLEEM comes in.

I recently swapped my at-home oral care routine with all GLEEM products, and I don’t say that lightly. I’m a very loyal gal to my beauty products: when I find something I love, I’ll stick with it forever. Like, I’ve used 1 brand of mascara for 11 years. GLEEM is a new brand I discovered + their products are no joke. My teeth haven’t looked this good since I got a professional whitening treatment, and I can do this all at home from the convenience of my couch while watching some junk reality TV. Score! Here’s my routine:

first, upgrade your toothbrush

I never thought a toothbrush could be that much better than the other, but I am admitting defeat!! I had no idea how much of a difference this simple swap would make. I upgraded to my sitch to GLEEM’s new rechargeable electric toothbrush + not to be dramatic but it changed my life!! It’s that good. So good that after the first use I knew I’d never go back to my old electric toothbrush again.

The toothbrush has 2 cleaning modes: I use the classic clean for every day + the GLEEM clean when I need that extra lil boost (aka red wine)! Both modes are really powerful though, I feel like I went to the dentist! 😂I also love that it’s rechargeable because I can’t stand going through batteries all the time. I love the coral color + the pop of color now that it sits on the charging base on my counter. I can easily swap out the brush heads when I need + travel with it (when the time comes) with the travel case included. Easy peasy. Next, let’s move onto:

my at-home teeth whitening routine

Since we’re all staying at home right now, I’ve been stepping up my self care + found the best way to keep my smile brighter than ever. Once or twice a week I’ll use the GLEEM One Week Professional Teeth Whitening Light Kit + Booster Strips. You know how I love to multitask, so I’ve been using the kit after dinner while I catch up on some reality TV!

The kit includes professional-level whitening strips + a GLEEM LED light to boost your treatment. I’ll apply the strips to the top + bottom teeth, and let it do its magic for 60 minutes. I use the GLEEM LED light for the last 5 minutes over the strips. The blue light targets yellow tooth stains so it boosts the whitening results. Yes please!

You’ll notice visibly whiter teeth after 3 uses, but honestly I saw a huge improvement after my first use. My teeth weren’t too sensitive afterwards either which is a plus in my book. I did this a few times the first week + now I just upkeep about once a week. It’s simple, to the point, and extremely effective. And that’s all I’m looking for in a self-care routine!

You can purchase these GLEEM products online at Walmart here + upgrade your teeth whitening game at home. I know you’ll be just as obsessed as I am!


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