A Day At The Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando

Daaaang, I look tall here. Alex knows what’s up when it comes to angles! I’m only 5″3 so I need all the help I can get. A few weeks ago, we decided we were OVER the Minnesota snow (c’mon, it was April!) so we escaped to Florida for 2 weeks! Our families both have homes down there, so they make for a nice lil’ escape when the weather is a shit show! 

I haven’t been to Orlando since Playlist 2016, but the stars aligned when we were going to be in Florida at the same time that one of my best friend’s, Justine, would be performing on tour with P!NK! Okay, I know that did not sound casual at all, and yes I know I have some pretty insanely talented friends. Must be nice to be a freakin’ rockstar!! 


We got the opportunity to stay at the beautiful Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando for the night, which worked out too perfectly, as it was a short walk away from where P!NK was performing! If I could describe it in one word, it would be charming. So many hotels look the same these days, but Grand Bohemian hotels are completely unique from one another and support local artists, whose work floods the halls. It’s romantic, moody, and bold. Just like me!!

I’m kidding, kind of. 

When we arrived, we got a tour of the hotel, including the art gallery, the Boheme restaurant, and the STUNNING lounge. Here you can sip cocktails (like this gin and elderflower cocktail…incredible) and even enjoy some live jazz. 

This piano in the lounge is insane you guys. We were told it is an Imperial Grand Bösendorfer piano, one of just a few in the entire world. Apparently Andrea Bocelli stayed here before, saw the piano, and played a set for the hotel visitors and guests. Umm, super casual!

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, check out The Grand Bohemian Hotel on your next trip to Orlando, or stop by for some delicious drinks and live music!

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Have you stayed at a Grand Bohemian hotel before?

Disclosure: The Grand Bohemian Hotel Orlando provided me with a comped stay, however all opinions, thoughts, photos and experiences are completely my own and honest as always.





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