What I Bought For My Home Office (So Far)

When we moved into our apartment in October, my home office was my top priority to transform into an inspiring space. However, as most of you know, that dream was quickly shattered with all the upstairs neighbor drama that unfoldedā . Long story short, he flooded our apartment (mainly my office) and ultimately forced us to move months later. Luckily, the perfect unit for us opened up just down the hall, so we snatched it up and here we are!

My new office is bigger, brighter, and has its own walk in closet (score!) but is laid out quite a bit differently than my old space. I’m still figuring out exactly where I want to put everything and what else I need to complete the space, but I’m makin’ progress! I thought I’d show you a glimpse of the office so far since I’ve gotten so many DM’s about my couch, rug, and decor lately!


Huge thank you to Joybird for gifting me this sleeper sofa. My words + experience are completely my own and honest as always.

Probably the #1 item you guys have asked about since posting it on my stories is my prized Joybird Briar Sleeper Sofa! Joybird did send me this sofa, but I would have purchased this 10x over. I knew from the get-go that I wanted a sleeper sofa for my office, so I could not only have a cozy spot to film and lounge on while writing posts, but for guests to have an inviting place to stay.

There are tons of sleeper sofas out there, and I searched high and low for the perfect one for weeks. I wanted one that wasn’t too big, neutral, had great reviews and wasn’t ungodly expensive. My friend Sarah had raved about her Joybird sleeper sofa to me, so I checked them out and immediately had my eyes set on the Briar style.

I loved the mid-century vibe, and it checked off all the boxes for me. I was able to customize it based on fabric, color, and stain for the legs! I chose the Tussah Snow fabric with the Mocha leg stain. Because mine was a custom mix, it took a few weeks to ship, but I was aware of that before I placed my order. Hey, good things come to those who wait, and I am SO glad I didn’t settle on just any sofa. With Joybird, you’re also guaranteed free returns, a one year home trial, and a lifetime warranty on your purchase.

If you too are looking for a sleeper sofa, check out Joybird’s full selection here! My sofa also comes in a non-sleeper and a sectional style as well. So far, I’ve had over 10 guests visit, and every time (I kid you not) they rave about how comfy it is! I gotta agree, ’cause Alex and I have spent countless nights sleeping on it to get some peace from our old neighbor! Can’t say I ever got that kind of reaction with my previous air mattress… LOL!


Another item you guys have been loving is my area rug! I saw it on Instagram one night and knew I had finally found the one! The next day, I headed over to World Market and snatched it up for 50% off. Score! They are constantly having sales, so make sure you sign up for their emails so you always know what’s on sale each week. I’ve seen this rug go 50% off numerous times now, so wait it out and you’ll snatch this up for an amazing price!


This clothing rack I picked up was such a steal compared to the prices of others I’ve seen everywhere else. It was easy to put together and has become SO useful! I’ve dedicated it to clothes and shoes I need to shoot so they’re in plain sight, or for upcoming trips so I know what to pack. Plus, it’s an easy, fun way to spice up an empty corner!


My desk is one item that I’ve kept since Sarah and I lived together years ago. Sure she’s plain, and have I thought about switching her out? For sure. But at this point, there’s so much other furniture and decor that takes priority, so for now she stays. Plus, she goes with pretty much any room or decor you could possibly ever have, and for that I love the versatility.


Pretty much found in every blogger’s home ever is this double bookcase from IKEA. I loved this style, as it showcases the objects you want to display in such a clean, open way without taking away from it. Just as I was about to buy this, a neighbor of mine was moving and offered to sell his for half the retail price, and in perfect condition! I knew it was meant to be, and I love a good deal! I’m slowly finding the right objects to decorate the shelves, and she also holds my printer perfectly on the bottom.


Below are some of the smaller items I have gotten so far to decorate!


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  1. 11/04/2020 / 7:05 pm

    Came across your post when I was looking to see how other people liked their Joybird. Your office is so pretty! And I love that fabric color. Works so well for your space.

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