How To Get Your Best Shave Yet

I feel like I’ve been shaving my entire life, so how have I not done a post spilling my smooth skin secrets yet?! Helloooo this is top priority, Caitlin!!

Let me just start off by saying it is YOUR body and YOUR choice to remove your body hair or let it be. You’re a bawse no matter what you choose — don’t let anyone make you feel differently! I personally don’t mind shaving, but I’ve tried my fair share of hacks, methods, and creams to make the job the most efficient possible. You name it, I’ve probably tried it, and no, it ain’t always pretty…

If you’ve ever nicked yourself shaving, missed big patches of hair (umm personally victimized by myself), or feel like your hair has practically grown back overnight, this post is for you babes.

Behold, my tried and true #BeaApproved tips for getting the best shave of your life:

Yes, you need to exfoliate before you shave.

I know, I know, it’s an extra step. I hear you! But I wouldn’t make you do this unless it was crucial for the best shave ever. You know when you spend all that time shaving, feelin’ 100 for a day, only to feel prickly the next day?! Oh yeah, I’ve been there one too many times! It wasn’t until I figured out I was missing out on this crucial, pre-shaving step! Exfoliating is essentially scrubbing off your dead skin cells, giving you ready for the closest shave yet! The key is finding one that’s not too abrasive, but not too gentle either. Try a sugar scrub like this or a body scrub bar and prepare to never look back!

It’s time to ditch that old razor.

Using the right razor is by far the most important thing you can do to elevate your shave. Yes, the blades matter, and yes, they have a lifespan. I’ve been using Gillette Venus razors ever since I started shaving, because my mom and sister recommended them to me as the best. They weren’t wrong!

I’ve tried almost all of Gillette’s razors and varieties of blades over the years, but recently I feel like I’ve hit the JACKPOT combo and you guys need to try this! I’m not kidding, my legs have never been smoother.

Here’s my self award-winning combo: the Platinum handle with the Extra Smooth blades. The handle is heavier and gives that expensive feel that I LIVE for! The Extra Smooth version has five spring mounted blades with ribbons of moisture to protect your skin. OMG I never knew a blade could feel like a cloud you guys, I AM HOOKED.

You may be wondering, but when do I need to swap out my razor blade for a fresh one?! Behold the answer to our prayers: Venus Direct.

Now, from the comfort of our homes, we can build our very own shave plans by customizing our blade type, handle, and extra features with this new subscription service that delivers straight to your door with fast and FREE delivery!

I love that all four blade types (Original, White Tea, Extra Smooth & Olay Moisture) work with all Venus handles, so you can truly customize it however you’d like. Like I said, platinum handle + extra smooth blades are my JAM.

The easy 3-step process took literally no time, and I got my delivery within a few days. You get your handle and blade refills, and new refills are automatically delivered based on how often you shave. Best part is, plans start as low as $10 a month, and you can cancel or change your plan at anytime. Goodbye to the days of wasting time and money!!

Basically, you never have to be stuck without a fresh blade or end up cutting yourself with an old one ever again. Start your own shave plan here with Venus Direct now so you don’t forget later!

Hug those curves ladies!

Don’t you just love when you spend all this time shaving, only to have the light hit your legs the next day and reveal you missed a big patch on your thigh or knees?! Love that for us. Thankfully I’ve learned how to prevent these occurrences with a few small changes in my routine:

First up, switch to a five blade razor if you haven’t yet. Those single-blades just aren’t gonna cut it ladies (unless it’s your skin, then yes, yes it will cut it). Venus Razors are specifically designed to hug our curves and work those angles thanks to their Flexiball technology.

Next, don’t be afraid to switch directions! I used to only go “against the grain” as they’d say, but that doesn’t always do the job for me. If you don’t have sensitive skin, try shaving downwards then upwards. Be careful when using a fresh razor so you don’t go crazy and accidentally cut yourself!

Don’t wait to moisturize.

Lastly, opt for a moisturizing shaving cream like this one to act as your guide! I’ll admit I’d go years without using any shaving cream because I was downright lazy, but that’s when I realized that’s when I’d miss so many spots! I like to position myself away from the shower head (or turn it off to save water) so that it won’t splash away shaving cream where I haven’t yet shaved. This way, I know exactly where I’ve shaved so I won’t miss any spots. I know this is SO simple, but I had to say it for those of you who have become as lazy as I was!

Always finish your shower sesh with your most luxurious body lotion RIGHT as you get out of the shower. Your pores are wide open from all of the steam, so your lotions and skincare can sink in deeply and leave you with the most touchable, soft skin ever!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Gillette Venus. The opinions and text are all mine.


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