How To Look Good After A Workout

This is going to sound crazy, but ever since I took my extensions out in July, I’ve been working out so much more. I guess a (big) part of me dreaded heading to the gym due to my hair weighing a thousand pounds, and not being able to just throw it up in a pony and get to work. I now CRAVE my workouts, and like to get them done in the mornings, which means I have to get my sh*t together post-workout fast so I can look somewhat decent.

 Oh crap, how am I gonna show up to work like this?! Trust me, I get it. Sure, I work at home most days, but I still have places to be throughout the day. Looking like a wet dog just isn’t gonna suffice, ya know? I don’t have a lot of time to get ready, so I keep it simple, effective, and what’s most essential. My post-workout get ready routine takes me about 15 minutes total. Here’s what I do:

Quick body rinse

I can’t really get past this one, ja feel? Sure, some workouts you may not sweat much at all, but for the most part, this is a must. I’ll throw my hair in a bun and hop in the shower for a few minutes to cleanse my body + face. Sweat clogs pores, so if I don’t wash my face right after a workout, then helloooo breakouts! I also try to keep the water cooler than my usual (I normally like it scalding hot) to reduce inflammation + help prevent my muscles from getting sore.

Revive the hair

Post-shower, I’ll let my locks down from the bun and assess what I’m workin’ with (which usually isn’t too pretty). Flat and damp at the scalp, random kinks in the middle, and frizz at the bottom. SO cute! First, I tackle my scalp with my trusty Waterl<ss Dry Shampoo – No Residue. I love this one because it doesn’t make me that grandma chic white hair. Like, how many times have you had a friend tell you to rub in your dry shampoo?

Waterl<ss is a new brand that specializes in products specifically for your non-wash days, and for all hair types—and I love their backstory. In January 2018, the city of Cape Town announced it was just 3 months away from running out of water for their city of four million people. Wow. Around this time, Waterl<ss was ready for their testing phase, and knew Cape Town was the perfect place to do so. Since water was incredibly scarce, they needed products that would allow them to go longer periods of time without washing their hair—and they did just that.

I’m a big advocate for not washing your hair more than 1-2x a week. I know it can be hard if you have really oily hair, but that’s what Waterl<ss dry shampoo is for! By prolonging your wash days, your scalp will actually slow down its oil production. This dry shampoo makes your hair smell so yummy and fresh and absorbs all that excess oil. I’ll spray this all throughout my scalp, not just the top layer, to build that volume back up. I usually wait about 30 seconds after spraying to let it absorb, then massage it up!

Once my roots are revived and voluminous, I tackle my ends with Waterl<ss Weightless Smooth Dry Conditioner—a dry shampoo’s best friend (and your hair’s). This stuff is awesome for adding back shine + softening your tresses. I have REALLY dry ends, even after a sweaty workout sesh, so this has been a game-changer. My dry shampoo + conditioner routine takes me less than 5 minutes but makes the BIGGEST difference. My hair feels + looks fresh and ready to take on the day.

To find out more about Waterl<ss products to elevate your hair on no-wash days, check out the new website or find them in stores at Target, Sally Beauty, Walmart and CVS.

Diet Makeup

Whenever I have to do my makeup fast, I do my “diet” makeup (as Alex pegged it). My diet makeup routine consists of just my essentials:

+ foundation

+ brow fill

+ mascara

+ bronzer

For me, a little makeup goes a long way in making me feel confident + ready to tackle the to-do list. I’m a big believer that when you show up feeling your best, you perform better. Whatever makes you feel like a bawse, do that! Even though I’m usually at home, I won’t give 100% if I’m in my sweats with a wet dog chic vibe. Those post-workout endorphins will last you hours to come, so put on a killer fit, swipe on some mascara, spritz that dry shampoo/conditioner and give it your all!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Waterl<ss. All opinions are 100% mine.

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password: waterless



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