How To Wear The Leopard Print Trend

It’s no secret that I’ve been infatuated with leopard print this season. I’ve been rotating between 6 leopard print pieces in my wardrobe, and I have no shame in rockin’ it every week. I love that it’s neutral and layers so well over my basics – which TBH is what I wear on a daily basis. I love how it makes me feel saucy, and takes my simple daytime look up 3 levels. 

Animal prints can be intimidating, but when you find a piece you love, just go for it! Don’t even think twice about who you think will judge you for it. 

Not sure where to start? Here are my suggestions:

Shop Faux Fur Coat // Shop Majorelle Coat // Shop I.AM.GIA Coat (Under $100!)

Extra? Maybe. Effortlessly cool? YES! I was getting tired of wearing my faux leather jackets out every night, so these quickly became my new go-to. A shorter style (like the middle) is great for throwing over basics or a bodysuit for a fun night out look. The jackets on the end are more versatile for day and night, especially for the colder weather approaching! If you walk to work or live in a city, you’ll be surprised how often you’ll be reaching for it to layer over your fall attire!

Shop RAYE Booties // Shop Dolce Vita Mules // Shop Leopard Sneakers  

If a leopard print jacket is still too crazy for you, start off with a fun shoe instead! I have these booties on the left and they are SO fun to spice up a black tee and raw hem jeans! The heel is pretty high, so if you want something more practical and versatile, these mules or sneakers are perfection. I’ve been eyeing these mules for a while, they’re just so fun and wearable! 

Are you hooked yet? Below are other leopard pieces I own and love, as well as others I can’t get enough of! Scroll through my look book using the arrows, and if you find something you love, click the photo to be directed to the item!

Do you own any leopard yet? If not, what’ll be the first piece you pick up? Let me know below!

This post is sponsored by Shopbop. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always. Huge thank you to the incredible brands who support this blog and make it all possible!




  1. gwyneth
    11/05/2018 / 12:08 am

    no:( the short faux fur coat!

    • caitlin bea
      11/11/2018 / 2:44 am

      Ooh that’s my fave too!! xx

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