July 2017 Instagram Roundup

The fact that it’s already August is freaking me out way too much! How is it already back to school season!? Or should I say wedding season for me this year…woah! I have 9 flights this month, but I can’t wait to take you babes along with me on my travels! Now that it’s the beginning of the month, it’s time for my July Instagram Roundup! If you missed last month’s, check that post out here! Basically, every start of the month I will delve into my Instagram photos from the past month, giving you guys insight behind the photo, and sharing my outfit details, since not all made it to the blog! Let’s do this!

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The photos from this fourth of July shoot are some of my faves! I did an entire post on this outfit, so check it out here if you haven’t yet!

I had so much fun this day, when Alex and I took a spontaneous day trip to Long Beach and went whale watching (only my favorite animal ever)! A full post on this day is coming soon!

In the beginning of July, Alex and I spent a week up north with my family at our cabin. It was so needed! There’s something so serene and carefree about being back there. I got this outfit for the 4th of July, and you guys seemed to love it when you saw it on Instagram as well! Despite it appearing to be a dress in this pic, it’s actually a two-piece set: an off the shoulder crop top and high-waisted skirt!

Outfit Details: Night Strider Set (Sold out! Sorry guys!) | Similar Set (same concept, different color! SO cute!)


This photo is yet another that I’ve done a full two posts on already, so I won’t reiterate the deets! ICYMI: the outfit post is here, and the LA guide post with this look is here!


Ahh this was such a fun night! I don’t want to give away too much because I have a full blog post coming in my LA guide soon (how many times do I have to say that in this post? My bad guys!)

Outfit Details: Blue Life Top // Reformation Denim // Strappy Sandals (also comes in brown!)


How cute is this dress?! Okay, so it got super wrinkled in my suitcase, but I couldn’t help but rock it anyway! I’ve been loving wearing the color red ever since I dyed my hair dark! And these shoes are my everything! I’ve been wearing them all summer long (and throughout most of my blog posts..oops!)

Outfit Details: Princess Polly Dress (on sale! also comes in mustard yellow!) // Brown Wedges


I absolutely love how this shoot turned out! This day, Taylor (my girl behind the cam!) and I went to an adorable café and had the best chai ever! My LA Guide all about this cute spot is up here!

Outfit Details: Dress // Circle Glasses


Cash me outside at the flea market, how bout dat? (I hate myself too). For real though, the flea market is probably my favorite place here! There are so many unique items you can get your hands on every week. I always have so much fun here and bring my friends and family when they come and visit! Yet again, blog post is on its way from this day!

Do you hate me yet? No? Okay good. I have a ton of posts coming for you guys, since I’ve been preparing for my many trips I have coming up this month! This just means you guys have a lot of fun content to look forward to. Yippee!

Posing fiercely with some rugs…how’d you spend your day? This day, I was filming my School Outfit Ideas With Glasses! Monday Through Friday video, which was so much fun to make! Make sure to peep the description box of that video if you want to see the full outfit and all the details on where you can get them!

This day, I had the most magical lunch ever with the Four Seasons team! We were treated to the most incredible, fresh cuisine from Hawaii, as a taste of what’s to come at the Chef Fest this October! I’m not even kidding you guys…every course was unreal. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! (For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen all of the courses on my story that day!) Needless to say I’ll be making my way to Hawaii once again very soon.

Outfit Details: Show Me Your Mumu Top (on sale!! I’m wearing a size small) // Navy Breeze Skirt (also on sale!) // Wedges


I had so much fun picking out little plant friends for my new home! I love filling my space with greenery…they instantly elevate my mood in the morning! I have more to pick up, but we are making progress on filling our home with all sorts of plants. On this day, Alex and I went to the greenhouse to pick up succulents for our patio! I actually have a blog post coming from this day as well, are you surprised? Hah!

Don’t mind me, just running errands like an #adult! I got the chance to stop by the Band of Gypsies showroom, and pick out some gorgeous pieces for my wardrobe! Needless to say, I couldn’t pass up this midi dress! Watch out for my upcoming haul to see all of the cute stuff I got my hands on!

Outfit Details: Band Of Gypsies Midi Dress

That’s about it for July! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! These are so fun for me to relive + not to mention I had a ton of fun creating the graphics this time around! Let me know your favorite memory from July in the comments below! Mwah!

xx cait


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    PLEASE POST MORE!!!!! I love your blog so much, but I wish you would post more.

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    nice post thanxs for sharing.

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