London Travel Guide 2018

How come every time you come around my London, London bridge wanna go down like…

Okay, okay, you’re right that was too much. 

Hey guys!! Thank you for being so patient with me as I get this blog post up! Living that on-the-go lifestyle can get away from you pretty easily! I know a lot of you are traveling to London soon and want to know everything about what to do while you’re there! It was Alex and my first time there, and we had the BEST time! London is seriously amazing…can we move there ASAP?!


  • Farmacy: Located in the charming Notting Hill, this vegan spot is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but if you can go for brunch…do it!! We found this place after our original brunch spot (below) was too busy, and it was amaaaazing. It’s a trendy little spot free of dairy, chemicals, refined sugars and additives. And I wanted everything on the menu. It was a problem.
  • Farm Girl Cafe: We tried to eat here at prime brunch time on a Saturday (great idea Caitlin!) so needless to say there was a looooong line out the door that didn’t seem to be moving anytime soon. If you can, hit up this spot during a weekday to avoid the crowd. I can’t attest to the food, but I’ve heard great things about this spot and it is SO DANG CUTE! 
  • Coppa Club: Located on Tower Bridge, this space is an absolute stunner! Since we didn’t know we were coming to the UK ’til 5 days before, we weren’t able to make a reservation here, but I HAD to tell you guys about it so I can live through you!! Right now they’re booked 2 months in advance, so if you have some time before your trip, book this ASAP, because you’ll get seated on the terrace in their insta-famous Paradise Pods! Yeah, it looks like a tropical vacay. Check them out here to see what I’m drooling over!
  • IPPUDO: Alex and I agree that this was the best (or top 2) bowls of ramen we have ever had! If you’re a ramen fanatic like we are, this spot will not disappoint! I got the spicy veggie ramen and lots and lots of sake. I was feelin’ gooood that night! 
  • Peggy Porschen: If you’ve seen an adorable pink London bakery all over your Instagram feed…yeah, it’s this place! I’ll admit I totally came here solely to snap my own cute photo, and somehow left with a box of macaroons and strawberry cake?? Definitely a moment of weakness (I can’t imagine they were vegan) but how does one have self-control in a London bakery?! I gotta say, everything we tried was UNREAL. If you’re looking for a sweet treat and an Instagram photo…look no further! 
  • The Orangery: My sister’s favorite café in London! It’s located in Kensington Palace (casual) so it makes for the most charming spot to grab breakfast, lunch, or afternoon tea! Once you’re done you have to stroll through Kensington’s Sunken Garden and the breathtaking park!


  • The Z Hotel Victoria: Okay, so I feel like I can’t even BEGIN to recommend a place to stay here because there are SO many options! We also got the opportunity to come to the UK just 5 days in advance, so we were limited on available hotels. We kind of just blindly picked this hotel because it was near Buckingham Palace and a lot of other spots we wanted to hit up! Honestly, it was pretty great! Our room was absolutely TINY…we were basically walking on top of each other (peep my London vlog to see our closet, I mean room). But that’s to be expected in Europe, and we made do! Besides the location, we loved how the hotel had free wine and light bites every evening for a few hours! It was fun to come back from a long day of exploring and enjoying some much needed wine and snacks before heading out for dinner. 


  • Soho: Yes, like the NYC Soho, except the OG! Just like New York City, this Soho is full of entertainment, cobblestone streets, and funky shops. I love it all! It’s a great area to walk around and grab drinks after dinner or for a fun night out! One bar I remember we hit up here was Be At One Cocktail Bar. They have over 100 cocktails so yeah, it was a good time! It’s definitely a younger crowd and gets pretty packed, but you can drink outside by the street and people-watch. Highly recommend!
  • Ballie Ballerson: We didn’t make it here unfortunately, but were recommended it by a friend! It looks so fun. It’s literally a ball pit bar. Need I say more?
  • Sketch: When in England, you need to experience afternoon tea at least once. I could have gone everyday but hey…that ish adds UP! My advice? Spend your money on this quality, awesome tea time experience rather than a bunch of mediocre spots. Make sure to make a reservation ahead of time, because this place fills up rather quickly! Get regular afternoon tea or with champagne (we did the latter) sit back, and soak in this dreamy pink wonderland!
  • The Crazy Coqs: If you’re looking for an intimate jazz/cabaret spot, you have to come here! Located in the Brasserie Zédel, we stumbled upon this place while looking for a dinner spot. They happened to be having a free live jazz night (sans all the drinks we bought there, oops) and had the best time! The trio that performed were awesome, and I felt like I was transported in time. 
  • An English Pub: There are endless pubs around, you really can’t go wrong!


  • Palaces: This goes without saying but if you’ve never been before, you gotta see Buckingham and Kensington Palace! During the weekends and daytime gets pretty crowded, but in the early morning or evening it’s a lot more peaceful!
  • Sunken Garden: Once again, you have to come here!! It’s so beautiful, especially after a light rain. This is where Alex and I took this cute AF photo:

  • Hyde Park: London is full of massive, stunning parks, and Hyde is the largest! They’re all beautiful though, and we strolled through them as much as possible. I love how pristine their parks were compared to say, Central Park. If you have the opportunity to have a picnic in the park, by all means do it!
  • Carnaby Street: 14 streets of over 100 shops, cafés, restaurants and bars. If you want to spend an afternoon shopping and grabbing a bite to eat, this is the perfect place!  
  • Notting Hill: Channel your inner Julia Roberts and check out Notting Hill! It’s a charming neighborhood filled with pastel-colored houses, which makes for awesome photo opps! Stroll through Portobello Road and see one of London’s best markets, filled with antiques, produce, and clothing. Grab a bite to eat afterward at either Farm Girl or Farmacy! Just try to avoid it on the weekends/during brunch time when it is flooded with tourists! 
  • Camden Market: Speaking of markets, this is considered one of the best! Here you’ll find everything from clothing to cafés, artwork to music venues. You’ll wanna spend a good chunk of time here, there’s so much to do and EAT! I mean, what more could you want?
  • Piccadilly Circus: One of the biggest tourist spots, but it’s definitely something to see! Catch a play at a theatre, go to a comedy show, grab dinner and drinks! This is where we were when we stumbled upon The Crazy Coqs!
  • The Making of Harry Potter: HP fans, YOU KNOW you gotta do this Warner Brother’s studio tour!! See original costumes and props, step into Diagon Alley, the Great Hall, and the Forbidden Forest! Just waiting on my invitation to Hogwarts aaaaany day now…
  • Other sights to see: Churchill War Rooms, London Bridge, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, The London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben (warning: when we went it was under construction and completely obstructed!)

Hopefully now you feel ready to take on London and have the BEST time ever! There is seriously so much to do, you really can’t go wrong. There are tons of things I wasn’t able to see on my 5 days there, so I’m sure I’ve missed some awesome spots! If you live in London or have been, comment your favorite spots and recommendations below so we can add it to our lists! I’m already itching to go back!

Check out our London Vlog below! My UK outfits post is coming next!






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