My Go-To Boots For Fall


Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots (true to size, I’m wearing a 6.5) // Paisley Dress (small) // Studded Velvet Jacket (small, also comes in cranberry!) 

There’s no denying that over-the-knee boots make you feel like a million bucks. I could throw on this dress with some cognac slides in the summertime for a daytime, laid-back vibe; but the second I swap those slides for my OTK boots, I’m ready to conquer the world! Okay but for real you guys, I can’t get enough of these Stuart Weitzman boots. I am not someone who splurges like this on material items often, but I kept envisioning the day I would finally make them mine.

When fall break rolled around my senior year of college and my sorority headed off to Vegas, I knew I had to stop by the Stuart Weitzman store and try on my dream boots once and for all. Call me Cinderella, ’cause they fit like a damn glove. Of course they would right? Of course the only OTK boots that fit me perfectly would be this splurge-worthy. I had tried to fight it by trying just about every other pair of OTK boots I could find, but they would never work out. They’d either be way too tall for my short legs, or too loose and bunchy. 

I felt like a rebel that day I walked out of the store with the big purple bag swinging from my hand, not knowing how I’d get it back home in my carry-on. Two years later and I have not yet regretted that decision once. Sometimes you gotta make that ballsy move you can’t quite justify to anyone. (It helped that I had my instigator gal pal with me who I also nudged into getting some studded booties out of her means as well)! I knew I’d get some eye-rolls rockin’ these in my college town in Nebraska, but that didn’t stop me from slipping these on any chance I got. 

If you’re on the hunt for your perfect pair of OTK boots, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to splurge like I did. I’m 5″3, so I knew I was in for a struggle on my hunt to find my pair, as I always assumed you had to have a tall, model stature to rock them. But that is not true! My biggest advice is to scour as many stores you can and try on as many pairs as it takes. Shopping online for these is tough if you haven’t tried them on in person, since you really don’t know how they’re going to hug your legs, where they’ll hit your thighs, how easy (or difficult) they are to slide on, and their overall comfortability. To me it wasn’t worth spending 1/4 as much on a pair that didn’t fit great, since I knew I would never reach for them. What’s the point of buying anything if you know at the store that you’re not gonna reach for it much? 

Moral of the story: Make smart shopping decisions, but also let yourself be a little rebel once in a while. One of my favorite takeaways from the book You Are A Badass is when she discusses how she bought an expensive car she couldn’t afford, but had the faith that buying it would force her to go out and make the money to pay for it. And you know what? She did it. Don’t dig yourself into a deep hole and buy things unless you have the drive and faith that you’re going to make it work. Make it work girl!

Shop my favorite OTK boots below at much more affordable prices, as well as some killer fall dresses you could pair with them!

photos: @taylorkrausecreative






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