Party Ready With Schutz Shoes

Styling party ready looks during the holidays can be redundant. Sequins and tartan plaid trickle through every store, so how does one stand out amongst the rest?

By making a statement #INMYSCHUTZ.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how KILLER these Moto Boots are from Schutz Shoes?! You guys may have heard me talk about Schutz Shoes before, and that’s because ever since I discovered them this year, I’ve been hooked. The quality of every pair I own so far has been incredible. I’ve worn my fair share of moto boots over the years, and I promise you guys these are the most comfortable I’ve ever owned! They’ve always been too narrow or take forever to break in (hello blisters on the back of my heels) or start to hurt after a whole day of wear. 

These Moto Boots are the opposite of problematic. I’ve worn them on days where I’m constantly on my feet, and they were still so comfortable. And let’s face it, I’m a shoe addict, I wouldn’t steer you wrong.


I love finding new ways to style these Moto Boots. Here I rocked them with an edgier holiday party look, with this oversized houndstooth jacket, tweed skirt, and sheer tights. I’d rock this look on a nighttime holiday event or concert!

LACE + LEATHER: Another saucy look is to pair a sheer, lace dress with these studded Moto Boots. I love a good feminine + edgy moment! It’s unexpected, and you’ll be dancing around all night, celebrating the fact that you didn’t wear heels!

CHUNKY KNIT: Not all holiday events are super fancy. My family/friend gatherings have always been pretty casual! I love that these boots compliment a night out look, but are just as easily styled with an everyday look. I’ll be wearing these with my go-to high-waisted black jeans + a chunky red knit sweater!

You guys can use the code: CAITLIN20 to save on any pair from Schutz Shoes!

What’s your go-to holiday look?!


This post is sponsored by Schutz. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always. Huge thank you to the incredible brands who support this blog and make it all possible!



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