Reset Your Under Eyes With Olay

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It’s safe to say I’ve converted from a makeup junkie to a skincare junkie lately, and I can’t see that changing anytime soon. I may only be 24, but it’s never too early (and I mean NEVER too early) to start taking care of your skin. I WISH I started taking it seriously like 5 years ago, but I somehow had perfect, blemish-free skin despite my horrible junk/fast food diet and sleeping in my makeup like it was my job. Do I even dare to admit my college night routine of going out until 2am, eating a pizza, then sleeping in my makeup so I’d only need to touch it up for 8am class? 

Don’t know her!!

Let’s just say I am a completely different person since then, and my skincare is part of my self-care routine that I look forward to! A few weeks ago, I headed to NYC with Olay to celebrate the launch of their new products, including their Brightening Eye Cream, which has found its way into my daily routine (and for good reason). Since I’ve been using it religiously since then, I had to share this new product with you guys, why I love it, and why I know you will too!


Why I Switched To Olay Eyes Brightening Eye Cream 

The skincare products I probably try and test out the most are eye products. Why? Because I know they probably aren’t going to break me out or cause a bad reaction. You guys may recall I used Olay’s Eye Gel for 28 days straight, and I had great results with it, so I could not contain my excitement when they launched a new eye cream! At the launch event I got to chat with the actual scientists who developed this product (umm coolest experience ever!) and ask them about each ingredient, and why they chose that specifically. 

Instant Results: They told me how they chose optic brightening pigments for immediate brightening results. I can see this instantly when I apply the eye cream to my under eyes, as the particles reflect the light to counteract my dark circles! I swatched these pigments on my hand, and I was HOOKED. Sure, we can pretend I got a full night’s sleep!

Long Term Results: Did you know your eye area is the first to show signs of stress and lack of sleep? This formula is packed with Vitamins and antioxidants directed to improve this delicate area and fight lines and wrinkles with consistent use. Because of this, I apply every morning and night!

My Verdict: My eye area has remained consistently moisturized, and I LOVE the cream formula! A little goes a long way, and I’ve hardly made a dent yet. It’s honestly priced super reasonably considering all of the issues it addresses. I pretty much geek out every morning after applying the Brightening Eye Cream on one eye and seeing how much of a difference it makes. I’ve had to use a little less concealer than normal, and it provides a great base under my makeup, not caking it up at all. I don’t see myself switching up my eye cream anytime soon since I really have no reason to. Yay for that!!


Check out all of Olay’s latest launches below! Will you be trying this eye cream? Let me know!





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