How I Take Care Of My Skin On Vacation

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The experience, opinions and text are all mine and honest as always. Huge thank you to the brands that support!

WHO LET ME LEAVE HAWAII?! No really, who?

Alex and I just got back from 2 weeks in Hawaii (travel itinerary + recs to come!) and I seriously can’t get over how incredible it was. The only thing *not so dreamy* was the humidity. HOLY HUMIDITY! I live in a dry climate, so whenever I travel somewhere like Hawaii, it’s the first thing I notice (mainly because my poor hair can’t stay straight for 2 minutes) but hey, my skin gets a natural, instant glow. So that’s a plus?

When it comes to skincare when I’m traveling, I like to keep it simple. Simple yet effective. No frills, no fuss. Mainly because I’m too exhausted after a long day in the sun to do a 10-step skincare routine!!


For Hawaii, I brought along my Olay Regenerist Whip Face Moisturizer SPF 25. It was the best option for me for a tropical vacation, as it’s light, breathable, and has a matte finish. I opted for the SPF version, since I was spending all day in the sun.

Why I Love It: This moisturizer doubles as a primer for makeup, which I applied almost every day, even if it was just a light layer of foundation! It’s a great base because not only does it have SPF 25, but it absorbs quickly into the skin. Even when I’m not wearing makeup, it hydrates while absorbing excess oil, which you KNOW I had plenty of in Hawaii!!

Olay Whip is a part of their industry leading red jar products, which I did a full post about on How To Find The Right Moisturizer For Your Skin. I even made a fun little quiz on how to narrow down your moisturizer BFF!

In that post, I gush about how I’m usually an Olay Micro-Sculpting Cream kind of gal. It’s thick and creamy, which I need on a regular basis due to my dry skin. I love lathering this up at night and waking up with super-hydrated skin. Yet, I prefer Whip w/ SPF 25 when it’s hot and humid, so I like to have both on hand!

AND YA KNOW WHAT’S ACTUALLY INSANE?! Both moisturizers have more Vitamin B3 than 2,500 cups of kale!!


Aside from moisturizing with SPF, I made sure to always wear a sun hat at the beach. It provides extra protection for my face and neck, because HELLO premature aging?! Don’t want to know her!! YES you can find a cute one that actually protects! Trust me, it’ll make a huge difference in the long run and your skin WILL thank you. Here is the one I brought with me! TBH I brought 3 with me and tied them around my carry-on and backpack. ‘Twas a sight!


Okay my puns need ta go, but aloe is here to stay!! Aloe Vera is packed with antioxidants and is highly anti-inflammatory, which is why it’s a go-to for helping treat and relieve burns and sun damage. Despite loading up on SPF, my sensitive fair skin got a sun rash during my trip and it was NOT pretty. To treat, I opted for the shade and loaded up on aloe. Post-sun, I spritzed my fave facial mist which has aloe leaf + chamomile. Super refreshing and great to keep in your beach bag or bathroom when you get back!

If you have any other questions about these moisturizers, leave a comment down below or DM me! I’d love to help you out!



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